Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mama is kissing who? ! ?

We got our first big bunch of snow this past Saturday night, so we packed up the Johnson kiddos to go to Brian's folk's for some sledding. Feeling festive with the wintery views we started to listen to Christmas music in the car.

Keep in mind, last year the kids knew some Christmas songs, but Aaliyah wasn't quite two and Mulu was only with us (and only learning English) for 7 months, so they were limited to the basic kids songs that were led by adults.

As I was zoning out in my own little world Mulu bursts into laughter - loud, cackling belly laughter. At first I couldn't figure out what was going on - and he was laughing too hard to be able to talk, but after a bit, between guffaws he started repeating "Mama kissed Santa Clause!", "Mama kissed Santa Clause!", "Mama kissed Santa Clause!". This revelation of what the song had been saying caused him to laugh so hard he was crying and Brian & I had to laugh along too.

Aaliyah was quiet through this whole thing (which I concluded to her not paying attention) and minutes later when the car was quiet again Aaliyah bursts out with "she was leaving - Mama kisses when she goes goodbye"

I love the way little kids minds make try to make sense of things!

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