Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice skating

We took advantage of a not so cold day here (this winter has been brutal with below zero temps) to go ice skating as a family. We brought sleds for the girls so they would each have their own (Aaliyah split her time between skating and riding). This is the 1st time we've been on outside ice (vs. an inside rink) since the kids took their lessons. Aaliyah did well "marching" on her blades staying on her feet most of the time while staying very cautious and careful. Mulu looked like he has been skating all his life - turning and stopping and going very fast.

Daddy and Aaliyah together.

Mulu, doing his thing. I meant to get an action shot for you - but it didn't work out.

Daddy pulling both the girls - I wish you could hear them squealing through the picture - they were loving this.

yes, there is a baby in there . . .

Brian giving Aria a break from her sled.


The Gilbertsons said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! Cold,but fun! Heard you are coming to visit, can't wait to see you again with more visit time! Make sure to trade your ice skates for swim suits :)

Marie said...

That's awesome! Love the bundle picture! :)