Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Hodge Podge 2

At the Johnson family land up near Rhinelander over the 4th of July

All the kiddos watching the fireworks

Charlie and Aria taking a break from swimming - mmmmm that's a big bowl of snacks

Mulu showing off his catch - he was so proud

Aaliyah and her 1st fish of the weekend. Reeling it in was much cooler than actually dealing with the fishy out of water

Aaliyah out for a canoe ride with Uncle Dave, Auntie Lex & Charlie

sleeping arrangements in the pop up camper - Mulu on the right, Aaliyah on the left, Aria in the pack n play & Brian & I in the bed behind - cozy quarters, but I loved having all of the family within arms reach.

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Kylie Robertson said...

I just LOVE being taken along on your Summer holidays! Well that's how it feels with all your photos anyways :)