Friday, September 17, 2010

New House!

Last June we moved into a new home. When we decided to buy it were luke warm about it, but wanted to get into the school district and, although we had seen MANY houses in the town, none seemed perfect. So we settled, I mean, decided on this one.

That was our thoughts going into the move, but since the day we moved in we have been nothing but amazingly thrilled with our new place. It is fabulously more functional than our previous place, the backyard is AMAZING, the layout is great for both our family and hosting gatherings and it instantly felt like ours. We have filled it up pretty well already, but do have room to grow as our family grows up.

We have some painting projects to do, but nothing that needs to be done right away. We are happy and unpacked and content.

Here are some photos of our new digs:

The Johnsons in front of our new home

The living room -
double doors go out to the backyard

the other side of the living room (and Mulu :) )

the dining area

the toy room

the other view of the toy room

Mulu's room

the girls room

our room

our backyard
our trails blend into a forest - I missed the height of the color,
but you can get the gist

the other part of the backyard


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great! We are so Happy you love your new place, You really are Home.
Love, Jon and Mom

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