Monday, May 21, 2007

Signs of Summer!

Spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest & we've been actually doing some "Summer-like" stuff lately - which has been a wonderful change.

1st we'll start off with summer haircuts. Aaliyah's was done professionally in a salon and much needed (before the cut her hair was 18 inches long when pulled straight). I did Mulu's myself. As I was about to begin I asked him if he wanted it short or all gone - he chose all gone, then after one swipe across his head with the #1 guard he said "ok - how about short" TOO LATE!

Using our playstructure in our backyard MULTIPLE times a day...

Aaliyah having her own little "picnic" on our deck.

The aftermath of a fabulous (and first) blue slushie at a friends little league game - baseball fever has now hit Mulu head on (not that Daddy minds much) and now we talk it and practice it often!

Playing in our new pool with a friend

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