Monday, June 4, 2007

Big steps for little kiddos

We've had an exciting couple of weeks with some "big" moments for Mulu & Aaliyah.

We'll start with Mulu's "graduation" from preschool - he was very proud during their little performance and woke up the next morning all ready to go to his new school (Kindergarten)

and in preparation for Johnson baby #3 (I'm pregnant and due September 9th) and b/c she got inside information (from our little neighbor girl) as to how to climb in & out of her crib, Aaliyah is now sleeping in her "big girl bed"

The kids reading books in Aaliyah's new bed (usually done on Mulu's bed)

and when Aaliyah was telling her Grandma about sleeping in her "big girl bed" Grandma said something about being a good girl & Aaliyah said "no - Aaliyah not a good girl - Aaliyah gets out and out and out and out again" - at least she's honest.

My favorite picture of Aaliyah in her crib - just to be a bit sentimental.

also...we took the training wheels off of Mulu's bike. He is very excited about it, and still needing assistance - but loves practicing and telling people about it.

and Aaliyah on her bike with one of her favorite neighbor girls.

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