Friday, August 17, 2007

funny, funny guy . . .

Quick funny story for you.

On my birthday we all sat down for a great breakfast my wonderful husband had made for us. As we were visiting, Brian observed "Mulu, we need to get your haircut, you're starting to look like a hippy." A little exaggerated, but I do agree that its time for a trim.

About 20 minutes later Mulu looked across the table at me and says "Mama, your hair is getting big, you need a haircut, your starting to look like a hippo"

being 37 weeks preggers - it was probably more true than I would like to admit.


Mignon said...

Hey Girl,

How is it going. I tryed to call on your birthday but i guess you weren't there. I would have loved to talke to you, but oh well hopefully next time better. Right now you have somthing bigger on your mind. You are almost getting a baby, i'm so excited for you. My friend was getting a baby on the same date as you, but they got it yesterday. It's a girl. Goodluck, i hope everything will go great and i really hope to talk to you soon. Lots of Love Matt & Mignon
Give our love to the family too

Jessica Schipper said...

Claire that is hiliarious!!! Good story!

Not sure if you heard yet or not, I'm preggers too!!! Due April 13th!

Take care and can't wait to hear those words "Johnson baby was born!!"

Love ya!