Thursday, August 30, 2007

August fun!

August is coming to an end - so I thought I'd loop all our fun August happenings together.

As of August 12th, I have been unable to travel more than 50 miles away from my hospital - so on the 13th, Mulu & Brian went to a Brewer game and Aaliyah and I had a girls night out. I found a shop that would paint her little fingers for $4 - Aaliyah loved every minute. She is definitely a girly-girl.

This is Aaliyah showing off the paint color she picked - the pinkest pink they had :^)

Showing them off after they were done - the nice woman even put some sparkles on over the pink polish. Aaliyah thought they were great - but did have the paint picked off of three of her fingers off by the time we got to the restaurant (about 3 blocks away).
"hanging out" at the botanical gardens near our house - we had a blast just walking and looking at the flowers and little pathways.

Another picture of Aaliyah at her dance class that she loves so much.
Mulu & Aaliyah got to go meet and play with 7 four week old puppies. This is right up at the top of what Mulu thinks is the coolest - romping around with other "little ones" that have as much energy as him!
Aaliyah - not so much. She likes the idea of dogs/puppies and likes to look at photos of them, but is very apprehensive when they get close. I couldn't believe she got into the pen with them - you can see the forced smile on her face (trying to convince herself "I'm having fun, I'm having fun") and she wouldn't put her blankie down for a second!

A slew of the puppies chasing Mulu - fun for all!
One of the puppies "playing" with Aaliyah - her face says it all!Dancing in the streets at a friend's wedding - they hired a New Orleans band that we followed. Every time we stopped to dance, Aaliyah was out of her stroller and joining in.

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