Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mulu's 1st day of school!

Its hard for me to believe that Mulu has actually started school - like the real thing, all day - on his own Kindergarten! It feels like Brian and I are now in the "advanced parenting" stage - now that we have a school aged child (even though we've only been at the parenting thing for 27 months).

Its probably NO surprise to anyone who knows him well, but Mulu did fabulous his first day and week of school. When I went to pick him up the 1st day he was beaming he was smiling so hard, seemed like he was just going to explode with positive energy and said "hey Mama - I get to go back tomorrow!" - the best thing an over emotional and worried Mama could hear.

The whole way home he talked & talked & talked about his day. What colors he used on his picture, some new songs he had learned (I asked if his teacher taught them the songs & he said "no, we went to a room and a drummer boy taught us" - so they must have had music class that day), how to turn the sign on the bathroom from green to red so people know your in there, etc, etc, etc. I asked him if he met any new friends in his class, and he rattled off about a 1/2 dozen names - all of them little girls. And he explained to me that "when its hot and we are done on the playground we can get a drink and we say '1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana split' and he is done and its my turn" - the 1st day of school and he already knows the little water fountain/bubbler song!

He seemed to do best at all the parts Brian and I were most worried about and was even excited to do his 1st homework assignment Friday after school. Just another example to show us, himself and the world how fabulous he really is.

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