Saturday, September 8, 2007

September 9th has arrived - but Ziggy has not...

Today is the day - September 9th, 2007 - the totally arbitrary day chosen by a little calendar wheel that I have been referencing for 40 weeks now and holding onto emotionally as THE day -
aka my due date.

And . . . our little precious one (affectionately referred to as "Ziggy") is still tucked up all warm and snug in my uterus.

I'm doing great - well that's what my doctor says at least - and hanging in there - wondering if every little weird feeling (which there are a surprising number of at this stage of the game) is the start of a contraction

I've given my sister my password for this blog & she is planning on posting an announcement after Ziggy has made his/her appearance. So we'll be able to share the news long before we're home and organized enough to be back on the computer again.

Please wish us a speedy delivery and send good thoughts our way!


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Penelope Trunk said...

Good luck, Claire! And thanks for a great time on Sunday. Amazing that you had energy for us on the (almost) last day of the pregnancy.