Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In honor of Thanksgiving I asked the Johnson kiddos (those that can speak at least) what they were thankful for. We do "thank yous" before meals, so they knew what I was asking. It was quite a fun moment, so I thought I would share:

This is verbatim so you can fill in the prepositions as you like

I am thankful for:

Mulu: "that it can snow anytime"

Aaliyah: "trick-or-treating"

Mulu: "that our mailbox has an eagle on it" (I didn't know this, but I went and checked & by golly he is right)

Aaliyah: "Halloween" (see a pattern? - the girls always got candy on the brain)

Mulu: "football win last week, Brett Favre" (Daddy was really proud of him for this one)

Aaliyah: "Aria & Daddy"

Mulu: "oooh this is special one - santa brings jumper and new toys" (last years' loot)

Aaliyah: "peanut" (? - no idea)

Aria just sat and looked cute during all of this.

and of coarse Brian and I filled in with "Family" "friends" "smiles" and all the boring stuff, but the kids were more creative and fun.

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