Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Funny Johnson moments

So we had a couple of funny kid moments which usually end in me smiling, red in the cheeks and putting my hand in my face - here are three

1. My dad passed 6 years ago on December 23. I have kept the gifts I was going to give him the Christmas he died and we put them under our tree every year. I think its another great way to visually remember him, to talk about him with the kids and to be included as a part of our Christmas traditions. When I put them under the tree I made sure to talk to the kids about them (and another great opportunity to talk about Grandpa Tim) to make sure they knew what they were about and didn't surprise us all and open them. Anyways - enough back story - so my mom is over one day early December and said, admiring our decorations, " wow - you already have presents under the tree" and without skipping a beat, Aaliyah bursts out with "yea they are for Grandpa Time - - - - I gonna get presents when I get dead too" - interesting to see what she pulls out of all of this.

2. Up at a family Christmas one of Brian's cousins walked in with his new girlfriend and as Mulu was running through said "oh, and that's Mulu - Mulu this is my girlfriend ______". Mulu stops in his tracks, looks right at this poor nervous girl and says "ohhhh yuck - - - - I don't like girlfriends"

3. Same party, room FULL of people, Mulu walks out of the bathroom and shouts "hey guys" - waits until everyone is quiet and paying attention and continues "ok - - - who left the blue pee in the toilet" (referring to the self cleaning tablets in the toilet tank) - I reassured him it was ok and no one's pee was blue and he continued his task - walking out of the bathroom a second time he finished with an announcement "and now its green - - - blue & yellow make green" . . . lovely

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