Tuesday, January 8, 2008

leading up to Christmas

Hi - I have a little catching up to do, as the Holidays have seemed to make three weeks totally disappear. So here are some festivities leading up to Christmas!

We went for Breakfast with Santa with some friends - here is our family picture - (nice contribution Mulu :^) )
Here are the kiddos talking to Santa - Aaliyah wouldn't look at him really, but when he was turned listening to Mulu she repeatedly whispered "Cinderella, Cinderelly" - and was later worried that Santa wasn't listening to her.

Cousin Charlie and Baby Aria checking each other out
Aaliyah and the babies (Charlie in the stripes, Aria in the red)

Aria in her "my 1st Christmas" outfit - I said I would never put the little headbands on any of my bald headed babies - but here it is!

Aria rockin' out at a Snowflake ball for Mulu's school

Aaliyah and her best friend (from the same orphanage as Mulu & Aaliyah) on Santa's lap

The photo from our gift tags - ya gotta love photoshop

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