Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Aria Update

It is really hard to believe, but Aria is now 5 months old and has grown so much. She continues to get longer and gain weight (she is already in some 9 month clothes because she is so long) and amazes us with new tricks almost daily. She is eating non-bottle foods like a champ- only cereal and now sweet potatoes, but does a great job at it. Aria has also intentionally rolled over and will do so to get at toys that are out of her reach. She definitely knows the sound of our voices and recognizes her name when called. And she is a huge fan of her feet. When laying on her back - she immediately pulls up her legs and starts sucking on her toes.

Here are some of the latest picts:

A perfect example of her foot-loving stage.
Just being her cute self
Her 1st meal of cereal - look at those eyes - she's intrigued. . .
Baby Aria & Cousin Charlie at their first UW Badger Hockey game - you can just see the excitement from their faces.
Mama & Baby Aria dressed up for Bucky's Hockey - I just couldn't resist.

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Abigail said...

Love This Picture!!!!! So Cute!