Monday, February 4, 2008

The mini-van plunge

Well we actually did it - the Johnsons are now a minivan family - pretty sexy huh?

It was definitely time (cramming all three car seats in the back of our 4runner had long ago lost its cuteness), and we are all much happier, and much farther apart, for it. I actually kind of struggled with the idea of being a minivan owner - teasing my identity even more than being a mom of three - but I have had not one single doubt since we drove it off the lot.

We ended up with a Honda Odyssey and love it. Mulu especially loves all the new buttons and gadgets in it, Aaliyah likes having her own window again (she was in the middle in the 4runner) and Aria likes having space without her sister trying to open her eyes for her.

We haven't attached a name to it yet, just calling it the Silver Makina (spelling maybe iffy - but the Amharic word for car)

This photo was taken the night we purchased it.


Dan said...

Well I think we all get to that point in life...function is more appealing than form.

I like the fact it's a Honda. I still miss my old Honda...even though it was a small hatch-back and not a grand mini-van :)

Abigail said...

Rockin the mini van, love it!