Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aaliyah is 3!

Its very hard for me to believe - but our little Aaliyah Konjit is THREE YEARS OLD! Its amazing to me as a mom be able to watch her grow little by little everyday and then realize, on milestone days like this, how much she has grown from the tiny little baby that we knew.

It is such an honor for me to be able to be her mom, and I feel so lucky that I can watch her turn into such a fabulous little girl.

So, on her third birthday, let me share with you a little more about what kind of Johnson kiddo Aaliyah is turning out to be:

She is:
~ Observant - always keeping a keen eye on goings on around her - learning by leaps and bounds each day and pointing out inconsistencies that she sees.
~ a good big & little sister. Starting out as our oldest child, being bumped to youngest, and now ending up as middle child, Aaliyah has found her niche as both a big and little sister. I don't have to worry about her being overlooked, as she has a fabulously strong personality and easily wins battles for our attention whenever she feels the need. She is a complimentary playmate for her big brother Mulu, and loves to take care of Baby Aria.
~ addicted to gum - Trident specifically - a new thing, but a constant conversation throughout our day, everyday.
~ a fan of musicals - she loves the singing and dancing and copies what the actors do as she watches (even gets frustrated when watching a dvd in the van b/c she is buckled in and can't do it all). For a while she was stuck on Annie, then enjoyed Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz & even Sound of Music (which I thought would be way too adult & boring for a small kid) and is now WAY into High School Musical (or as she says it "High-sical Musical").
~ a dancing fool - she still takes dance class and can often be found grooving throughout our house - both to music playing or in her head
~ a princess - she still loves the formal Disney Princesses which she dresses like and pretends to be, but now she has also seemed to morf Princess right into her true personality. She chooses to wear dresses each day (many of them with long sleeve shirts underneath and worn with jeans due to our nasty winter)
~ a good cook - she loves to help us in the kitchen - often choosing that over any other option given to her - and she is really pretty good at it. She knows where everything is located in the fridge, can stir like the best of them and can even crack open an egg without getting shells in the bowl - pretty good for just being three
~ snugly - which I love - she still likes to be held, carried and snuggled to often

Well, I could keep going on and on - but enough bragging for now - here are some photos of Aaliyah for you to enjoy.

Princess Aaliyah - need I say more
Cutie in her Brett Favre jersey
look at me!

opening gifts with Daddy at her birthday party
Blowing out the candles
After licking the spoon from making our lucky (green) cupcakes

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Mattissimo said...

Happy Birthday, Princess.

Matt & Mignon