Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Celebrations

We had a wonderful weekend with three Easter Celebrations spending lots of time with extended family, playing games, three egg/basket hunts, oooooodles of candy and sledding (oh yes - more snow - we thought we were done with 92 inches of snow this winter - but it just keeps coming - it actually snowed on Easter Sunday - we've officially broken the 100 inch bar).

It is really special for me to plan and enjoy holidays with our kids - expanding on family traditions - adding our own and watching us celebrate together as a family.

Cousins on Easter: Mulu is holding Cousin Charlie and Aaliyah is holding Baby AriaMulu after enjoying a chocolate bunny
Aaliyah in her Easter bonnet (only wearing it to pose for this photo)
Now those are some big ears!
Great Grandma holding Aria - yes, she is chewing on a spatula - the poor baby cut her first two teeth Saturday - both at the same time - a girls gotta do what she's gotta do
Great Grandpa and Mulu playing bowling Wii -it is very fun to have technology that can entertain people 4 generations a part!

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