Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aria's tricks!

This past week the Johnson kiddos and their fabulous parents went on a week long vacation at a family cabin in northern WI. We had a rockin' time and have lots of fun stories (I have a separate post going with details of the trip). For a week it was just the 5 of us - being together, and spending oodles of well deserved quality time. One of the positive outcomes of this is demonstrated really clearly in the list of new "tricks" that Aria picked up our week gone. She turned 11 months up north - and came back home a whole new baby.

She learned how to do the following things while at the cabin:
*So BIG (raising her hands up when asked "how big are you")
*the sign for all done (& using it correctly)
* the sign for more (& using it correctly)
*washing hands (rubbing hands together when someone mentions washing hands)
*blowing kisses (she's been working on this for a bit - but does it automatically now when saying goodbye or I love you)
* crawling on hands & knees (she's been doing an "army crawl" very functionally for a while - but is now a pro on her knees - even outside in the dirt, on the beach and into the water")
*clapping (when you say "yea" or when she does a trick)
*giving hugs (snuggling in when you ask for a hug)
*a sound when you ask her what a dog says (an "fff" sound for woof woof)
*climbing up objects to standing

below are some videos I took for you to see (and I even remembered to keep the camera the correct way)

here is Aria clapping - yea for her!

washing her hands

here is her demonstrating the "soooo big"!

and blowing kisses

her army crawl - check out the transition between crawling & sitting - right through the splits! and you get some Mulu and Aaliyah action in here too.

"real" crawling

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KIARA said...

i cannot believe what a big big girl she is turning into!! what a doll, she sure was full of fun! How nice for you all to get away for a WEEK! Geez! we are tonight begging many, maybe one will give in to come SIT at football practice for an hour so we catch have a quick dinner or something with out kids!!!!!
I love ya, love the ethiopian pics too, they are such pretty kids, even mulu! I guess more handsome!