Saturday, September 6, 2008

School starts - and a bit more.

This past week school started for two of the three Johnson kiddos.

Mulu started 1st grade. He was super nervous in the weeks leading up to it - asking lots of questions, having bad dreams and overall increased anxiety. He was especially upset when he realized that his Kindergarten teacher was going to have a new group of Kindergartners - that traitor! Even walking up to school that day he held onto our hands tight - but once he got there he was excited and didn't look back. He had a great week and is pleased to tell people that 1st graders get to check out TWO library books!!!

Mulu in front of our house on the 1st day of 1st grade!

Daddy and Mulu walking up to school.

1st graders get lockers!!!

And Aaliyah started a preschool this week. It is a class at our YMCA that meets twice a week from 9-11. The night before she started I got our her backpack, packed some extra clothes - just in case - and put it by the door. Before we left that morning I noticed it was a bit more full so I peeked inside. Aaliyah had gotten some carrots and celery sticks from the fridge, put them in a bread bag (I still don't exactly know where the bread went) and put them in her bag, along with two juice boxes and the handsoap from the kids' bathroom. When I asked her about the soap she replied - very matter of factly "well I thought it would be a good idea to wash my hands at school." She got a bit nervous walking in, but quickly acclimated herself to all the new toys and by the time she sat down to start painting (see picture below) she looked up and said "ok Mama - you can go".

she insisted on having a picture with her brother (his 2nd day of school)

Aaliyah at the sensory table. (she was not impressed that I was taking pictures)

Aaliyah painting

One of Aria's favorite activities is coloring on the easel with crayons - I never would have thought to offer an 11 month old coloring stuff - but she watches what her big brother and sister are doing and copies - most of the time she does well NOT eating them, but as you can see here, Aaliyah sometimes eggs her on.

And last week Aria had tubes put in her ears - after numerous infections (9 since Jan. 1st) and not being healthy in the summer, the doctors thought it would be her best bet. The surgery went great - and quick! - and the surgeon said it was definately what she needed. The best part is that it can help her not have infections for up to two years!!! She has been a totally different baby since the surgery - sleeping better, more independent and overall happier.

Here is a photo of Aria in her little gown before the surgery.

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