Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trip to Colorado.

This past week, Aaliyah, Aria and I flew out to Colorado to meet the newest member of our family - Cousin Evie! Brian's sister Marie and her husband, Kyle, have a beautiful one month old girl - Evelyn "Evie" Grace. The girls and I had a pretty uneventful flight out there (which is truly the best case scenario traveling by myself with two Johnson Kiddos) and we had a marvelous time in CO. We got a good combination of cousin snuggle time and bonding with the baby - who is absolutely sweet and adorable!

We also were able to visit some friends that we had met while in Ethiopia adopting Aaliyah. We have stayed in touch with them over the years (can you believe it will be four years in June) and had a wonderful time with them too. They have 6 kiddos under the age of 6 - so the energy and noise level that Aaliyah & Aria bring with them just got mixed into the group.

Here is Aaliyah, I and Cousin Evie.

Aaliyah "holding" Evie (which really just means she was sitting in the same proximity as her) - she is a pro at this baby thing now

Sleeping Evie -by the way - I am sooooo in love - she is the essence of sweet and I got in as many snuggles as I could (and that jealous little Aria would allow). She has very delicate features, dark eyes - that may just end up brown - and is starting to make the cutest cooing sounds. She is a super sleeper so far and has as laid back a personality that a four week baby can have. I know these pictures are very cute - but she is even waaaaay cuter that I could catch on camera. We will get to see them at Thanksgiving and at Christmas - but it is going to be hard to wait.

Aaliyah and one of her buddies - he is the little boy thatwas adopted at the same time Aaliyah was at the same care center in Ethiopia. It makes me very happy to see them reconnected on the other side of the world. I know they don't understand it now - but its pretty special.

Aria having a grand old time at the Children's Museum in Denver - she was way too cool to hang out in the baby area for too long and spent the day trying to keep up with the bigger kids (which she did fairly well)

All 8 kids (6 of our friends, and Aaliyah and Aria) eating Chinese take out - too much cuteness to pass up a photo op.

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