Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waterpark weekend!

Last weekend the Johnson family had a wonderful couple days together at an indoor waterpark. We met 6 other families up there for a fabulous time of running, swimming, watersliding, catching up and laughing. It was such a total blast - with all 3 Johnson kiddos having a wonderful time.

Mulu went on every single ride that he was tall enough for - asking to go again even before he was done riding the first. He is a naturally cautious kid when it comes to taking risks - but has found that the being scared feeling can also be fun. There were a couple that he was nervous about (one that was pretty fast and the other that was covered) - but he slowly worked his way up to them and loved them all! He loved the fact that he could scream as loud as he wanted (which is quite a sound if you are ever in ear shot) and although he ran as fast as he could up all the steps over and over and over, he never ran out of energy.

And Aaliyah - who has turned out to be a total fish in the water - loved all the new things in the waterpark to try. She ran around, eyes almost popping out of her head, pointing to all the things she wanted to do. She started out slow - but peer pressure (or sibling pressure) is sometimes a good thing and she couldn't let her big brother show her up the entire time. She was so proud she went on the "big slides" (telling people about it all week), but wanted to spend most of the day in the hot tubs.

and baby Aria - always along for the ride and had a blast like her big brother and sister. She is a mover and a shaker - eagerly crawlig through the water (not even stopping when it was over her head - cue Mama & Daddy) and loved the little slides. She did her best to keep up with the other kids around her and minus the breaks we made her take (to eat or warm up - after too long in the water she would be so cold her lips would be blue - but that didn't stop her!) she climbed and splashed and laughed. We planned ahead and brought a pair of Brian's old wrist bands from drumming to put on her knees so when she crawled her wet knees wouldn't get raw from the cement - and they worked great!

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