Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa and a bit more

Just in time (on December 23rd) the Johnson kiddos got to visit with Santa Clause. Mulu was excited, impressed and happy with the experience. Aaliyah was nervous, a little coy and then chatty with the big man in the red suit. And Aria was sooooo excited to see him. She squealed when we made it around the corner he was in view - immediately said her "ho ho ho" and was frusterated when we didn't approach right away. Even when we walked up and the bigger two were talking with him she was reaching out to touch him and all smiles . . . UNTIL I set her on his lap - she wasn't impressed with that! So below is our standard crying baby on Santa's lap photo.


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Anonymous said...

my 3 sweet little Santa's helpers!!
luv u,