Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday funny

When I pick up Mulu from school today - I usually don't get a lot of information. "How was school today?" "good" "what did you do?" "I don't know"

I've started probing more specifically "What did you do in art class?" "Who did you sit by during math?" etc.

but sometimes he comes home with random bits about his day:

last Wednesday, November 29th (the day before Thanksgiving) Mulu gets in the van after school and starts the following conversation:

Mulu: "so Mrs. O (his teacher) changed our class calendar today to December - even though its still only November - but when we get back after Thanksgiving it will be December"

Me: "Oh, that makes sense"

Mulu: "she wanted to be on top of it"


Aaliyah: "on top of the calendar?"


Mulu: "I guess"

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