Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aria is 2!

Ok, so this really isn't new news - since she turned two in Sept - but I am slowly catching up.

So . . . . our little miss thing is two. I am so lucky to be able to be the mom of such a sweet little girl. Aria loves to make people laugh - almost as much as she loves laughing herself. She is still really easy going and fairly mellow little girl. She loves her brother and sister, can't wait for her Daddy to get home from work everyday and continues to be a "Velcro baby" - which makes me smile.

She is running and climbing and a little daredevil. She tries to keep up with the big kids, and most of the time she can. She loves playing babies, singing songs, playing outside and loves anything Muppets (from the Muppet Show, not Sesame St). Hence her birthday invite:

Here are some pictures of her birthday party.

Here is Aria starting to get into opening her present - and Cousin Charlie close by for reinforcements if needed

Daddy and Aria - who is wearing her new hat and bow

this was hands down her favorite part of the party - everyone singing "Happy Birthday" and her blowing out her candles

Aria shouting "TWOOOOOOO" when asked how old she was. She was stuck on saying "one" (because up until now that was the correct answer to the question) so I had to make 2 a big deal. So we practiced - "Aria how old are you?" and Mulu, Aaliyah and I would yell "TWOOOOOOOO!!!!" to make it fun - she learns quickly

some of the party goers having fun outside

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