Thursday, October 15, 2009

End of Summer

ok, ok, ok, finally catching up on summer -

big news! We are moving (or hopefully moving!) We have an accepted on a house - contingent on the sale of ours - so we have spent the last month painting/cleaning/organizing/beautifying our house for sale. It's a bit slow at the moment - but we are all REALLY excited about the new place and are trying to be patient until it all works out!

So . . . the end of summer

For Brian's Dad's birthday we took a family trip to Mt. Olympus - amazingly fun day - but had so much fun I forgot to take a lot of picts - but here are two

going into Mt. Olympus - Aaliyah and her buddy holding hands on our way in.

Daddy, Aria, Auntie Lex and Cousin Charlie on the train ride (this as a big hit)

My Grandmother - so the kids' Great Grandma Hubacher with the Johnson kiddos and my cousin at the zoo.

too cute

Mulu about to blast the ball at one of his coach pitch baseball games

Mulu on his first day of 2nd grade

Brian, I and Mulu on his first day


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Great pictures!!
love Nana