Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Snow!

Last winter Aria was about 15 months old - being this old allowed her to walk in the snow, participate in sledding and look around - but not old enough to remember. So when it snowed for the 1st time this year - it was all new for her. On this day Mulu was at school and I bundled up the girls to talk them outside to play in it for the 1st time this winter.

When I opened the garage door, Aria saw the snow and was amazed. In her deep, raspy voice she said "oooooh wow - - - - look 's rainin - - - - nooooo - - - 's not rainin - - - s' fuh ee (funny) what is it?" having a whole little conversation with herself. :)

We had fun playing in the backyard - pulling them around in sleds - taking bites of handfulls of snow. Although, being the particular one she is, Aria had a hard time with this "fuh ee" white stuff being all over her things - she had to clean off every surface - which doesn't work well when it continues to fall from the sky.

Here is Aria - all bundled up out in the snow

Aaliyah's 1st snow angel of the year

and the playground in our backyard still works!

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How fun!!!