Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Holiday train show

After school one day the kids and I went to a Holiday train show at our local botanical gardens. Mulu started out being unimpressed with my idea of going - being 7 he was too cool for trains. I was able to convince him to go "because his sisters would like it" - and once there we all had a great time!

My new favorite photo of the Johnson kiddos - I sure am a lucky mom

Aria is currently - all about trains - so this was right up her ally. In this photo you can see one of the model trains that travels around the room surrounded by beautiful poinsettias and decorations.

You can see Aria saying "oh wow" as another of the trains whizzes by

Mulu checking out one of the trains - maybe he wasn't too cool after all

I tried to get an "action shot" of Aaliyah - but she is into posing now - here is her cute self
One of the marvelous gingerbread houses that helped decorate the room
And afterwards we stopped in the gift shop for Christams cookies and cocoa