Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mulu's 1st pinewood derby

This is Mulu's 1st year in cubscouts - which also means - his 1st year racing in a pinewood derby. He was very excited for this and worked very hard on it - even getting some expert advice from "a friendly Chuck".

This was also my 1st pinewood derby too - and was very surprised that the kit just came with a block of wood - he had to plan it, draw it, help Brian cut it out, sand it, paint it, and put the wheels & axles on it. I was surprised that a car actually came out (not downing his or Brian's skills at all).

He picked out his favorite match box sports car and designed his car after it.

Here is Mulu and some members of his den watching some races.

His car about to race - his is the far left as we look at it - white and red
posing after - with his car and a medal - he got third place in his den - very proud.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mulu!!! that's the first time i saw your pine wood derby car completley done, it looks awesome, and congratulations on3rd place, that's great!!! luv u buddy, Papa and Nana

Anonymous said...
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