Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aria's birthday

In September, our sweet Aria turned 3! She is a funny, sweet and smart little girl. She loves to read, draw, be outside, play with her brother and sister and sleep (she is often the one telling me when she needs to take a nap).

She really "got" that her birthday was coming up and was excited for the weeks leading up to it. This year for her birthday she wanted to have a cookie monster party and told anyone who would listen (the check out lady at the supermarket) all about it.

On the morning of her birthday Daddy made her special pancakes -
in the shape of an A for Aria & the #3 for her new age.
but as you can see in the picture, she wasn't happy about it
"cause das not what pancakes look like!!!!!"
some of the party decorations

and, of coarse, cookie monster cakes and the adorable birthday girl herself! and her Raggedy Ann doll that Grandma made for her Blowing out her candles - she knew what she was supposed to do

and tried her best to blow the candles out - but in the end

(and after a couple dozen tries)

she needed a little help to get the job done

and the party goers - watching her blow out the candles all the kiddos lined up in the hallway for cake & ice cream and, of coarse, an adorable shot with Cousin Charlie


Anonymous said...

Such a fun Cookie Monster Birthday Party Little Miss Aria!! We Love You! Papa and Nana

Anonymous said...

did you use the Elmo cake pan?

Claire said...

Yes, I did use the Elmo cake pan - then once it was baked I shaved off he nose, colored him blue and made his eye's "googly" (Cookie Monster style)