Monday, November 22, 2010

Halloween fun

Mulu being tough and not minding the pumpkin goo.
He did his cleaning and carving completely
on his own this year.

Aaliyah diggin in the goo.
and yes, that is a pumpkin tattoo on her forehead
(her own contribution, of coarse)

and although Aria would NOT touch the pumpkin insides,
she loved the drawing part

Aaliyah - as a witch

Mulu as a vampire

and, for months, Aria specifically asked for
"a spider with a skirt" soooooo. . .

the trick-or-treating crew
our Johnson kiddos and Cousin Charlie & Caroline

Aria and Charlie waiting for the goods

Mulu and Aaliyah trying to be patient wating for the little ones to catch up

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Anonymous said...

My little spooks!! Claire You did such a great job on the costumes.
luv, Nana