Friday, January 21, 2011


So - besides big events and Holidays, the Johnsons kiddos have been busy with normal life too - here are some shots from the past couple months.

Crazy hair day at their school - straightened Aaliyah's (which we
won't be doing everyday) and color sprayed Mulu's - a big hit
all 3 Johnson kiddos helping mince mushrooms

Brian doing one of his favorite things - CHAINSAW!
and a lot full of trees with a wood burning fire place
gives him enough good reason to keep it up
our town had an open house at the firestation -
all the kiddos and cousin Charlie
Aria's turn with the fire hose
and Mulu lovin' every minute - he actually made the
front page of the local paper with this
Aria and cousin Charlie in the firetruck
just being adorable
Mulu had a fun weekend trip with his Auntie to Chicago
and got to go to an exhibit on Percy Jackson (one of his
favorite book series) - here is him posing with the
movie poster
Mama & Aaliyah moment at a picnic

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Anonymous said...

Love the hair!!! the picture of the three of them is so cute!!