Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revealing Party

As many of you know, our family is expecting Johnson Kiddo #4 in mid May. We are all thrilled and eagerly finishing home projects and getting ready for the baby to come.

When I was pregnant with Aria, I did NOT want to find out what we were having, and Brian did . . . but I won. So, this time I said he got to choose if we found out the gender or not. He chose to find out, so we planned a "revealing party" to announce our news with our kids and family.

We had a nice supper, making everyone wonder and wait . . hee hee . . . and then I asked everyone to pick a side. Boy or Girl.

Here is the group that thought the baby was a boy

and here is team Girl
To announce our news I had baked a cake and used food coloring to make the cake part either pink or blue. I then, very carefully to not leave any clues, frosted it with white frosting and put multi colored sprinkles on it. My plan was to have our three kids dig in with their hands, break it open, and reveal boy or girl. Aaliyah didn't want to do the messy part, but Mulu and Aria were game.
Cake in the middle, ready to be pounced on -
Mulu trying to see if he can find any hints

digging in, and . . . .


I did make pink cupcakes with pink frosting for the rest to enjoy
(no one really wanted to partake in the revealing cake
once Mulu was done with it)

and a belly shot
this was actually on Super Bowl Sunday,
just had to share

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl!!! So much fun that night!!!
love, Nana