Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaliyah

The beginning of March brought Aaliyah's birthday. She turned 6. SIX!?!?!?!? yes, six. I can't even believe it.

So, a little about Aaliyah and her 6 year old self. She is almost 3/4 through her Kindergarten year and, not surprisingly, is doing wonderful. She is a reading fool - shocking me almost every night with the books that come home for her to read. She is a sweet friend, a great sister and a confident little girl.
She still has those "trying to figure out the world" eyes that we could see in the very first picture we saw of her (at 6 weeks old). She is always observing, watching and contemplating & picks up on most of what is happening around her. She loves hip hop dance class, is taking a cooking class (still loving to cook the food way more than eat it), enjoys swimming and playing outside.

This year for her birthday instead of having a big extended family & family friend party she got to choose a friend's party. We had is at her dance studio and the kids had a marvelous time! Then we had her grandparents, aunts & uncles over for a small celebration here at the house (she got to choose the menu - mac & cheese & jello . . . . sorry guys)
Birthday girl opening her gifts on her birthday
(before a birthday trip to urgent care -
smiling even when really sick)
cupcakes for her hip hop party
the kiddos learning their dance routine
and the pose after performing for the parents
at the end of the party
more gifts . . .
and her birthday cake
(sorry for the accidental belly shot - that is just
how we roll these days)

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Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Birthday to Miss Aaliyah! Stay as sweet as you are right now! Your Nana will always love you!!! OXOX