Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome Kedzie Danielle

On Tuesday, May 17th our Johnson Family officially became a half dozen, when a beautiful baby girl was born.

Kedzie Danielle Johnson
born May 17th 8:48 am
9 pounds, 12 ounces
20.5 inches long

Checking into the hospital around 6pm Monday night.

Thumbs up from Mama

an excited Daddy and Mama eager to meet

their baby girl

skip ahead 14 hours . . . .

welcome Kedzie Danielle

check out all that black hair!

her 1st group of visitors

a.k.a. the ladies at the door

happy parents and beautiful baby

our 1st photo as a family of 6!

my hero and my baby

proud big brother Mulu and Kedzie

Aaliyah and Kedzie

Aria and Kedzie

The Johnson Kiddos

in her car seat ready to leave the hospital

but before we head home, one quick stop . . .

cue the lion king music!

you can also see the photos the hospital took at:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Family of Six!!! Love you all!!
Papa and Nana

Katie said...

Hip-Hip Hooray! Welcome to the world, baby Kedzie!

Jane said...

Love the first stop leaving the hospital! Welcome to Kedzie and congrats to the Johnson SIX!!