Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kedzie is 1 month old!

I will spare you the whole "I can't believe my baby is a month already" schpeel, but just know it is there.
As of the 17th, Kedzie is one month old and it has FLOWN by. She has slipped right into our family, feels like she totally belongs and has just always been here. She is, luckily being the 4th, a "go with the flow" baby. She is sleeping pretty good, loves to snuggle, is starting to focus on faces, and is facinated with the kids. She has already been on plenty of outings in her short little life and has been a trooper the whole time.
Like most babies, she lost weight in the beginning, but is now back to her birth weight and doing well. She checks out perfectly from the Doctor adn is the sweetest thing ever.
Here are some photos of our first month together.

A sweet sleeping baby girl
Her 1st bath at home.
She is a big fan of the warm water.
Her 1st official outing to Mulu's baseball game.
(he is on the Yankees team, hence the hat - we haven't
totally given up on the Brewers yet)
all swaddled up for beddy bye
snuggle time with big sister Aaliyah

Kedzie at 1 month old

All four adorable Johnson Kiddos


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 month birthday beautiful baby Kedzie!! great picture of all Four Johnson Kiddos!
We love you,
Papa and Nana

Nana/Janet said...

Great pictures, but how about christmas pictures. tee-hee
love anonymous!