Wednesday, August 24, 2011

catching up

We have had an awesome summer so far. Here are some of our favorite moments - and some normal ones too.
The three Johnson girls in their 4th of Jully get up -
check out the matching hair pretties - benefit of having a baby with hair :)
and Brian's new summer interest (some might say obsession) is triathlons.
He decided, kind of on a whim, to try one in June the week of and did great.
He has done two so far with another one coming up in September. He
is amazing, is enjoying his training and the kids love to cheer him on.
Here are the older three Johnson Kiddos waiting for him to
finish his run and cross the finish run.
Brian approaching the finish line.
Kedzie snuggled in her blankie
one of her 1st smiles caught on camera!
I took the kiddos to a Concerts on the Square - Kedzie
slept most of the time and M, Aa, A & I played
lots of rounds of UNO. We even had a strangers compliment
how well behaved the kids are!!!!
On our yearly trip up north has gotten even more fun now
that Uncle Dave and Auntie Lex have a boat. Here
is Aria and cousin Charlie waiting for a wild ride
in the tube.


Anonymous said...

great summer photos
love nana

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