Monday, October 29, 2007

More cute photos

No real theme again to this one - just cute updated picts to keep you in the loop

Here is Aaliyah in a pool showing me her hand stand in the water. She has a life jacket on - so I don't think it came across quite like she was thinking - but its still quite fun.

We wanted a family picture of all five of us. Here was our first attempt - all three kids are a little rough.

2nd try - getting closer I think - maybe with some more practice we'll have a good shot for our Christmas card - or should I be hoping for one for Easter?!?!
Cousin Charlie and Aria - yes, putting them in matching outfits has already begun!

Aria's first smile caught on film - she's got a great laugh to go with it - imagine a little squeaky toy.

Big brother Mulu snuggling with Aria. He is so good with her - always asking what he can do and wanting to hold her lots. (and she's a lot more fun now that she can move her head to follow him)

The girls. Its so fun to see Aaliyah with Aria. She wants to show her everything she does "Aria, watch me" and then asks me if I think she liked it.

The Johnson kiddos - three kids really are a lot of fun.

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Joan Farrell said...

Hi Johnson Family (especially Mulu). Congratulations (a little late) on baby Aria. She is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sure you already know, but when I went to take the 1 year photos for my son in September at HillDale Photo Express, I saw the MOST beautiful kids on the wall: Mulu and Aliah. It was so cool; I felt like I knew someone famous. I hope you're having a great year! I miss my pal Mulu. Have fun with that now almost 2 month old. Best, Joan Farrell