Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We spent last weekend enjoying the non-autumn weather at a local pumpkin patch. When we went last year it was about 40 degrees F and both Mulu & Aaliyah were decked out in full winter garb. We knew we couldn't do that with a newborn this year, so we decided that the 1st nice weekend that came by in October would be our pumpkin picking weekend. Little did we know it would be 85 degrees F!!! So here are some of our favorite photos of our very fun and sweaty day!

Mulu posing in front of an elk enjoying a smushed pumpkin. He was excited, but very unsure, when the elk came up that close.

Aaliyah and her friend in the kitty and baby bunny barn. We ended back at this location multiple times throughout our visit at the farm - kitties and baby bunnies were a huge hit with the girly girls.

Me & baby Aria "watching" the puppet show. You can see she is loving every minute (her experience was very similar to being at home - eating, snuggling and sleeping - with a diaper change or two thrown in)
Mulu & our friend in the wagon on the way out to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins.
Daddy and Aaliyah scrubbing Aaliyah's pumpkin.
Our newest "little pumpkin" - By the look on her little scrunchy face I'm sure the pumpkins weren't quite as comfy as they look.
As everyday goes by, Aria is awake a little more (which is making Mulu & Aaliyah happy -she is much more fun when she can look at them). Here is a picture of her looking over Daddy's shoulder - you can see her beautiful navy/grey eyes.


kiara said...
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kiara said...

I think I am in love!! she is just tooooo cute! I love the pumpkin pic and the one of her over the sholder! The kids all look so cute and happy, mommy looks great too! I miss ya tons! Kiara