Monday, October 22, 2007

One month old

On October 13, Aria was one month old. Here are a few of the latest shots of her for you to enjoy. She is getting a little more pudgy each day - although she still has skinny little chicken legs. On her one month "birthday" she did a bit of baby babbling that we caught on video camera and has now started to smile when talked to. She loves watching her big brother & sister and they are so naturally kind to her and both love helping her. She is still a great sleeper, but is getting more alert now during the day which makes her a bit more interesting for Mulu & Aaliyah.

All three Johnson kiddos together - its amazingly difficult to get a good photo of all three - this was the best we came up with -

Aria all tuckered out
all bundled up on our 1st cold day - you can see what she thinks of the whole Wisconsin winter thing.

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