Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A big couple of days for Mulu!

Big happenings this week in the life of our little 6 year old.

Yesterday, May 19th, Mulu lost his first tooth! Very exciting for him as his tooth has been loose for at least 6 weeks now and most other kids in his class have lost some already (a big deal for a Kindergartner you know). On Mother's Day Grandma was trying to pull it out with a hanky, but it wouldn't budge - and last night Mulu had enough and wanted it out. So I took Grandma's lead, grabbed Daddy's hanky and started yanking (with weak knees and a iffy stomach - just not my thing). We tried for about 20 min & finally it popped out! He was so excited. We told Daddy, called Papa & Nana and then I went out to my car to get my cell to call Grandpa & Grandma & he followed me into the garage and dropped it - eeeeek! So lots of tears came, and we all ended up on our hands & knees with flashlights looking for it (you would be surprised how many small things on a garage floor look like little teeth). We found it, called Grandpa & Grandma, put it under his pillow and had a successful Toothfairy exchange.

Here is one of Grandma's attempts

in the bathroom after I got it (you can kind of see him holding it in his hands)

Cute Jack-o-lantern grin!

And the other big news. . . .

Mulu can now ride a two wheeler. Yesterday I took off his training wheels and he messed around on it for a bit (with me running after him holding his seat) and today after school he got on it and just figured it out! He is so proud of himself and can't wait to tell everyone! Only one day of trying the two wheels- I'm telling ya - this kid is definitely athletically inclined!

Here is a video of his newest accomplishment (and you can notice him look and smile at Aria in the stroller as he rides by - even when he is showing off in a big moment he is still a great brother!)

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Brian said...

Awesome!!! Yeah Mulu!! Congratulations and nice job!