Thursday, May 15, 2008

While the boys are away - the girls will play

So I know Mulu has been getting the short end of the stick with photos lately - he is at school all day, so I just don't have as many shots of him (isn't that usually the complaint of the youngest). So bare with me one more post as I continue the trend.

Every morning Mulu & Brian leave to go about their day (school & work) and the girls and I do our "thing" together. Aaliyah has swimming lessons one day and dance class another - otherwise we just keep ourselves busy and rarely spend a full day in the house (although Aaliyah is a pretty big advocate for pajama days).

Mulu will soon be done with school and home with us for the summer, so before things change up - I thought I would share some of our fun we have home together.

This is part of our morning routine - as the boys drive away together, Aaliyah stands in the garage and waves goodbye shouting "bye - love you - bye" until they are totally out of sight

Here is Aria in her jumper and Aaliyah helping to entertain her in the exersaucer.

Aria, Aaliyah & I playing jump rope. Aria holds one end, I hold the other & Aaliyah jumps. - Here is an action shot.This is actually the first time Aria was in the big bath with her sister. Aaliyah was quick to initiate her into the "dumping the bucket over your head club"- and surprisingly, Aria didn't mind

After playing outside - getting a photo of Aria looking cute in her hat
Ok Mama - enough pictures already!

Aaliyah is entering into the "not needing a nap everyday" phase - but this day I guess she really needed it - falling asleep hanging off the couch while I was folding laundry

Here is proof that Aaliyah is grooming Aria to be a princess also - I couldn't believe she let her momentarily wear her crown.and the girls - just being cute!

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Abigail said...

Probably one of the cutest pics ever, i can see the girls wanting that one framed when they are older!