Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Thanks to an amazing husband and wonderful kiddos I had a fabulous mother's day. Dinner served to me in the bedroom - continuous hugs & kisses & "Happy Muder's Day"s - adorable homemade cards (Aaliyah drew "writings" on hers and Mulu's had some sort of Star Wars scene on it) and homemade gifts - along with store bought ones (Aaliyah picked out a fun pink necklace for me & Mulu picked out some big hoop earrings that looked a bit much - but ended up being really adorable on).

It was also a day with emotional ups and downs for me. I had a lot of reflective moments where I thought about how incredibly lucky I am and how wonderful it is to be a mom. I watched my kids dance, play, laugh and tell stories while fully realizing how wonderful they are and how blessed I am to be their Mama. My family is so amazing and I found myself welling up with emotion as I would step back and realize it throughout the day. But on this day to celebrate Mothers, these feelings were also intermixed with thoughts and emotions about the women that gave birth to my kiddos - what they must have experienced - how extreme their losses have been - what they might be doing now - wishing them peace knowing that their children are loved, honored and cared for.

Below are some quotes from the Johnsons kiddos that are too cute not to share - I love the mixture of pure childhood honesty and complete randomness.

In a card to me Mulu said:
"You are the best driver.
You are the best colorer.
I'm going to bring you flowers.
You are a good baby feeder."

(I think all the bases were covered with that)

This morning Brian asked the kids "Why do you love your Mama?"
Aaliyah: she tells me not to do flips
Mulu: she helps with cleaning
Brian: she sacrifices her career for our kids
Aaliyah: she tells me not to eat a dead mouse
Mulu: she plays with me nice
Brian: she loves to do things and be outgoing
Aaliyah: when I tickle her she laughs
Mulu: she cooks supper, lunch & breakfast and helps with homework

Brian: she shows endless caring and compassion

and Aria, of coarse, sat there looking cute

awww - see what I mean? pretty awesome stuff!

Here are me and my Johnson kiddos on Mother's Day!

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