Friday, June 27, 2008

Father's Day!

We had an awesome time celebrating our fabulous Daddy on Father's day this year (although the entire day Aaliyah would yell "Happy Mudder's Day Daddy").

We started out by making him a big old omelet and potatoes for breakfast including his favorite dessert apple turnovers (that Aaliyah and I had made last week) and letting him eat in the bedroom. We played outside, went for a walk, and hung out as a family. We then gave Daddy his gifts and prepared lunch. The kids and I (and the help of two of our neighborhood friends) made pretzels that spelled out "Daddy", we ate little football shaped meatball sandwiches and played a "what kind of ice cream is it" game. Then for the afternoon Brian got to go play golf with a friend and have some quiet, peaceful time on Father's Day.

It was not hard at all to celebrate him & I hope we did a good job showing him how much he means to us. We are pretty lucky to have a Daddy like him!!!

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