Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

Over Memorial Day weekend our family traveled to Northern Wisconsin (way up in the north woods) to stay at our friends' cabin and visit Brian's family for his Grandmother's birthday. We stayed three nights and four days of laidback family time. We had a wonderful time - filled with fishing, bike riding, laid back meals, family naps and campfires - oh . . . and only a couple ticks - (my not so favorite part of the trip).

Here are Mulu & Aaliyah checking out the view from the deck soon after arriving at the cabin. (Aaliyah in her oh - so - rugged camping clothes - she is truly a girls' girl)

Aria taking a quick nap after a long walk. She did so well being out of her normal elements - and loved being outside for most of the days.

Aaliyah very patiently fishing off of the pier. She had a plastic blue fish on the end of her line to be able to practice casting & would squeal "look I got a blue fish - I caught a blue fish!!!!" everytime she reeled it in. I thought she was kidding at first - but her excitement proved to be real and she seemed genuinely thrilled to have caught her blue plastic fish every time!

Here is Brian and Mulu working on his fishing line. Mulu actually had a hook on his and tried his hardest to get a fish - but besides a couple tree branches and his sister's fishing line, his hook stayed empty throughout our trip. I was pretty impressed with his patience - trying many times and always wanting to go out & do some more fishing. Maybe next time Mama or Daddy will remember to get some bait before we get up in the middle of nowhere (yes - poor guy did all that fishing with nothing to offer the fish!)

The Johnson Kiddos at their cutest!

Brian and Aaliyah snuggling during our family naps - definitely key to keeping everyone smiling and calm during our weekend! Too bad we can't implement them into each of our days . . .

Aria's turn!

Mulu reading his books while the others slept.

Aaliyah (definitely our family dancing queen) groovin out while I was cooking dinner - I caught some of it on video for you to enjoy!

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