Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coloring Easter eggs.

We had fun tonight dying eggs for Easter. The kiddos (Mulu & Aaliyah at least) had a great time getting creative this year and we had a really fun time doing it together.

Sometimes I try to set up big happy memory filled family moments like this and get disappointed when they crumble into messy little heaps (which naturally happens with three passionate kids in one house) - but tonight was truly nice.

The kids were sweet, patient, funny and complimentary with each other's work. It was a nice surprise as we are coming out of 4 intense days where all three kids have been nasty sick (which is especially a bummer since this is Mulu's spring break) - so although we are still quarantined in our house - we had a night of giggles, creativeness and smiles.

Mixing the dyes - Aria climbed right up onto Aaliyah's stool to get in the action with the big kids

Mulu dipping his 1st egg

Mulu, Aaliyah and I with some of our work

the finished products . . .

(its not really as exciting as it seemed in the moment - but I still thought I would share)

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