Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mulu's birthday . . .

So, our little man is 7!!! 7!!! I know!!! Mulugeta is now 7! I am still in full fledged denial . .

Well - as predicted he has thoroughly enjoyed being star of the week and was thrilled when his birthday finally arrived. He woke up earlier than normal and asked for doughnuts (whispering to me that I could put a candle in it if I wanted). Here is Mulu contemplating his birthday breakfast.

And he got to take in cupcakes to school and asked for "Ethiopian cupcakes" - ummmmm haven't found a recipe for that yet - so I used red, yellow and green frosting and put the star that is on the Ethiopian flag - he approved!

This year, just like his last birthday, Mulu decided he wanted a friends party rather than a big family one - so his aunties, uncles and grandparents met us out for a birthday dinner and he got to pick the restaraunt - he chose Buraka - our favorite Ethiopian restaurant in town. Here is part of our table:

The restaurant has great artwork from Ethiopia and Mulu wanted a picture with him next to this one - with a sad child - who knows . . . but you can see his big smile and his new shirt he got for his birthday.

and Mulu blowing out his cupcake candles!!!

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