Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mulu's birthday party.

Mulu's birthday party turned out to be a ton of fun. 10 kiddos here at the Johnson house all geared up for our safari theme. There were kids from all parts of his world - his class at school, the neighborhood, his family, family friends and even a friend from the same care center in Ethiopia. They immediately meshed into a cohesive group, acted like they have all been "buds" for years and had a great time

decorations - helping give the Jungle safari feel (as well as Jungle sounds)

the grub for the party

the safari group

the kids played some games - a sticky tree frog toss (at our painted patio door), a snake hunt (using flashlights to find hidden snakes in the dark) and a scavenger hunt at the end

Here is Mulu and a friend hunting for snakes (it was pitch black in the room - but the flash makes it look normal)

the rest of the group waiting for their turn to hunt

sitting down for snacks, cake and ice cream

and we shipped off Aria to Nana and Papa's for the party - but she still got to have fun with the safari hats when she got home.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun party Mulu
Your grub (food) on the table looked so interesting, did I really see tiger poop on your kitchen table? YUCK!!! :)
luv u buddy,