Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mulu's big week

This week not only does Mulu turn 7 (oh yes - our little man will soon be 7) but he is also "Star of the Week" at school - which Mulu takes very seriously. He has been strategizing his "Star of the Week" poster for a while now - which pictures he wanted to put on it - whether he wanted it to say "Mulu" or "Mulugeta" - and what we could do that would be extra cool (and I have to admit I have been excited about this project too).

So we decided to make "multiple Mulus" to put on his poster - having him pick what would represent the different parts of him. After he picked 5 different things (he actually did pick them all - with just a little guidance from me) I used my"Cricut" (a cutting tool I got from Santa this year) to make the clothes. We had a lot of fun taking the silly pictures (there were 108 shots in the end) and finished them all today.

This is also a nice way do part of his birthday posts because it shows many parts of him right now.

Here is our end result.

Mulu has been all about Ethiopia lately - relearning words in Amharic - wearing his Ethiopian clothes to school - requesting Ethiopian food (I made a wicked pot of dorowot for dinner tonight) - and he even checked out a book on Ethiopia from the library - so I was kind of expecting (and happy) that it was his 1st request.

and baseball wasn't a surprise at all either - but to his father's chagrin - and his Uncle Dave's delight - he requested a St Louis Cardinal's uniform rather than Brewer's

and this is supposed to be a snowboarder - representing his love for sports, cold and speed. He has a basic snowboard that he uses when we go sledding and this year he got to go snowboarding at a ski hill with his Dad this year and loved it.

For a while now he has been wanting to be an astronaut when he grows up - being very curious about planets and stars and what its like in space.

and this one made me laugh out loud - twice. So at the end of our planning conversation he mentioned that along with being an astronaut he was thinking of being a weatherman too. Totally out of the blue - besides letting me know when it is going to rain and talking lots about tornadoes, we have never had a conversation about weather stuff. And then this morning I asked him what color suit he wanted to "wear" on his weather man guy - blue, black, or brown - and he said "I don't know - whatever the weather guy wears on NBC - that's where I want to work, you know" - what?!?!?! Too funny - so here is "weather man Mulu". . .

and here is the final poster - I know its hard to see - but I told him I would put it on here - he did all the coloring of the letters in his name, picked up the pictures, all the writing on the captions and placement of items. Don't mind my feet -

and while I am posting about my crazy little people - I thought I would share his birthday invitation - we are doing a Jungle Safari theme:


Marie said...

That's AWESOME!!! Nice work Mulu... and Mommy! :) I bet the kids in your class are going to LOVE it!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Your poster is GREAT!!!!
Good job Mulu.
your teacher is going to be so proud of the work you did on your poster.
Enjoy your birthday week!!
we'll See you Friday night for your birthday dinner. we can't wait.
luv u lots,
Papa and Nana XXXOOO
bailey,jack,& ernie too!

Kylie Robertson said...

Mulu is amazing! As always, makes me miss you all and can't wait to see you all again:)

The Gilbertsons said...

What a great poster!! Hope you have a wonderful Safari Birthday!

meredith said...

It is so fun to catch up on your blog. Your family is adorable!! I will never forget the first night I met the two of you (and the horrible Vikings nighty). I had lunch with Elleni today as she is living in MN. She would love to see your blog so I'm sending it to her. You should send me your address when you get a chance.