Friday, March 13, 2009

Aaliyah's birthday part 2!

and here is Aaliyah's party. It was a nasty day outside - but the party was full of family and friends who love Aaliyah and we all had a great time

Aaliyah in her birthday dress (as well as her Cinderella gloves, crown, purse and Snow White shoes)

Aria looking all cute (I got no picts of Mulu that day - he was busy downstairs with all the kids)

Aaliyah, Aria and some of their friends checking out some of her gifts

Her cake - which was, of coarse, strawberry so that it was pink

blowing out her candles

some of the party guests after singing Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful birthday party you had princess Aaliyah!!!!
we had so much fun, and you were so beautiful.
papa and nana

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