Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aria's 1st haircut

Yes, I am fully aware that Aria doesn't have much hair for being 17 months - but what she did have was pretty straggly and uneven - so after Aaliyah got her hair cut Cheyenne (who has been cutting Aaliyah's hair since she was a baby) gave Aria a little trim. The back is now straight and turns into a cute little bob - the bangs - well they still have a lot of growing in to do (she has a wicked receding hairline). We got a cute little award and some locks of her hair in a baggie as a keepsake.

We had already been at the salon for about 40 minutes - so I was worried she was going to be a bit squirmy - but she did great - actually holding really still - not moving her head - just her eyes and even holding her breath for parts of it. She didn't know what to make of it - but was a trooper.

Getting her bangs trimmed

Trimming the back - Cheyenne had Aria look at a book so her head was tipped down

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful hair cut my sweet little Aria!!!